The challenge of new technologies

For some years now we have been working in our workshops with the help of Formlabs 3D printers. Their printing quality is outstanding and their purchase and operating costs have made them an essential tool for our company.

That said, it has never been very easy to use the resins designed for jewelry in a first glance at least. Founders who do the same thing have also had to go through many times to establish a cast iron plan that is operational or even a UV drying process that makes the resin hard enough to avoid ashes after burning.

When we considered opening a casting house in Tunisia meeting all European quality standards, we obviously wondered about the feasibility of using Formlabs resins.

It was without counting the incredible genius of our foundry master there: Ryadh.

Blind and deaf? So what?

It must be known that Ryadh is deaf and blind following an illness. His workshop is modest and has no equipment adapted to his disability and yet it has been running remarkably well for more than twenty years. I will eventually have the opportunity to write an article about his tremendous technical and human abilities.

We have embarked on the Formlabs Casting house Workshop Recommendation Program in the hope of recognizing our ability to process jewelery resins. Ryadh, aware of technological advances in the sector, obviously knew Formlabs, but had never had the opportunity to work from their resin.

I leave here the pictures of the result of the very first attempt with the sample model of Formlabs. As you can see, it’s flawless. I wrote well from the very first attempt in the absolute, by a master smelter deaf and blind to basic casting material.

Aaaaand… We made it.


Thanks to this unique successful attempt, Ryadh allowed us to get the recommendation from Formlabs, the first and only one in Africa at the moment. It is an immense pride for us and we wanted to share it to the maximum in thanks and tribute to the work of Ryadh.

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