Bague Flavia Felix

Replica of a Flavia Felix Legio IV ring in 18k gold | 500€ (Free delivery)


A broad openwork gold hoop with beaded wire borders, filigree loops enclosing cast D-section letters ‘LEGIIIIFF’ for Legio IIII Flavia Felix.

The Legio Quarta Flavia Felix (“Lucky Fourth Legion of Flavia”), was a unit of the Imperial Roman army, founded in 70 AD by Vespasian (r. 69-79) from the remnants of the Legio IV Macedonica disbanded after the Batavian revolt. The legion was active in Moesia Superior until the early 5th century and its symbol was a lion.

Bague Flavia Felix originale réplique

I was able to reproduce, thanks to 3D technology, the effects of patina, wear and deformation related to time.

Available in other metals on request

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