Réplique d'une chevalière de la légion romaine

One of our last projects was to reproduce as faithfully as possible, without the help of a 3d scan the sign of a Roman officer of Legio XXII.

Roman officer bronze ring

The curves of this signet ring seemed so harmonious and particularly modern that we decided to design a replica and make possible a personalization with the initials of the customer, the number of the legion of his choice and the Latin name of the city Of his choice. Our project generated a lot of enthusiasm and many history buffs joined us to think about the improvements that could be made.


Roman officer ring custom


For technical reasons (mainly related to the minimum size of the lines to allow a quality 3D printing) we only changed the font, a little more rounded and regular. Typography, however, remained resolutely Roman.



On this bronze model, we decided to restore the aging effect by accentuating the sanding post impression.


Roman officer custom ring 2


This model in 18k gold, on the other hand was made without any alteration due to time, as if it were new.

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