Why there’s a need of an alternative to 3DHubs?


Soon,  3D Hubs will launch a new service in Europe, called “Fulfilled by 3D Hubs” whick will severly limith the possibilities of small and medium 3d printers arounf the world who rely on them to monetize. Groups are forming on the web, including one which is also intended to be a think tank and work to develop an alternative solution. It is in this context, that  3DRene.com brings his contribution by sharing his testimony and experience.



MakeHub: Can you introduce yourself and explain what you do in the field of 3D printing?

3DRene: I print designs from customers. Also I am busy with food printing and making chocolate items.

MH: What are your main ways to monetize your 3d impressions?

3DR: I have an own webshop, but that doesn’t work well, so I rely on sites as 3DHubs How did you rely on 3dhubs to grow your business? That was my main site. I don’t have another site like 3DHubs at the moment.

MH: What are the concrete implications of 3dhubs’ new strategy on your business?

3DR: I have to fiund other ways to get customers.

MH: How do you feel about this turnaround on 3dhubs?

3DR: Badly.

MH: What do you plan to do now to adapt to the situation?

3DR: I am looking for other ways to get customers, mostly in my hometown. 


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