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Throughout its youth, Plasmeo3D was able to create a collection of original jewelery using the new possibilities offered by modeling and 3D printing.

Of course, all our models are adjustable and even fully customizable, as far as possible.


Our creations

3D printing has become very accessible nowadays and it is very easy to realize a jewel on the basis of an idea or an image file.

We are always available to create, adapt and modify your project.


Design and 3D printing

We are also open to any collaboration concerning the design, modeling and 3D printing of projects other than jewelery.

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Our process

Contact us or come to visit us to discuss your project,

Send us an image by mail to get an accurate idea,

You will be able to see a realistic rendering of the project before printing that you can validate.
How to do?
Once the 3D modeling is approved, we realize a first resin martyr prototyping that we can send you by mail so that you have a concrete overview of the product,

When you have received the prototype, checked the size and structure of the object, you give us your green light if you are satisfied. This will signal the final printing of the project.

Delivery takes place after 14 or 30 days depending on the technical difficulty of printing,

Returns and money guaranteed. Reminder of our policy: here

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