What’s wrong with you, dear 3dhubs?

3dhubs will soon modify its access policy to its platform by severely limiting the possibility of small and medium printers who for the most part find themselves clueless. There is a large number of users who are starting to react to this decision for the less brutal. Groups are forming on the web, including one which is also intended to be a think tank and work to develop an alternative solution. It is in this context, that I bring my modest contribution by sharing my testimony and my experience.

Do you really wanna hurt me?

I embarked on 3D design in jewelry four years ago, based on a crazy bet. I am a psychologist by training and with some fellow belgian friends we were passionate about the incredible advancement of 3D technology. For personal reasons and with luck on my side, I was able to develop a network of enthusiasts like myself in Tunisia, where nothing exists at the moment in the field. It is for this reason that my friends and I are in the process of implementing the first 3D printing service specialized in jewelry throughout Africa.

To be done, at least initially the contacts on the spot although important are not enough and at the beginning I thought to use 3dhubs to boost the development of my project, that platform, 3dhubs seemed to me to be ideal for facilitating the connection between jewelers / designers clients and us. We have of course made our request to be part of the new version, but according to the many echoes of old and current users, I have very little hope of being among the elected officials and we must therefore review entirely this part of our development strategy. This is wasting a lot of time.

It is clear that in the face of this reversal and the need to find a quick and effective countermeasure, the first reaction is perplexity and astonishment. Moreover, by reading the comments of old users, the way used seems somewhat brutal. and confused.

For now, I have no choice but to accentuate my search for prospects and customers in the field and on social networks, one by one. I do not see any other efficient and affordable method for a nascent enterprise like mine.

I hope that the internet will react and that a solution will be proposed eventually. I know there is a draft solution under way and I am part of it. Our goal at the time it is to gather a maximum of participants to materialize a credible alternative to 3dhubs which is a useful service for small and medium users.

So, what’s next?

If among the readers of this article, there are some who would be interested in participating in the development of an alternative to 3dhubs that puts the small and medium 3d printer in the center, I warmly invite them to join us on the group of open discussion on discord clicking here 



I need you #MakeHub



Bruno, 3Ddesigner

wannabe hubber in Africa for now



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